Web Works / Multi Keys / Are U Hosted - Shop 3/18-22 High Street, Eaglehawk, Victoria. 03 5446 3371

The Web Works Team

Michael - Sales Manager
Michael is the real front face of the business. He's the chap who is always running around visiting clients, finding solutions, making sales and then making sure you're happy with your purchase.
Here: Monday to Friday from 9am - 6pm
Phone: 0434 547 225
Nikki - Sales Facilitator
Nikki tries hard to keep Michael organised, and that is a real job in itself. Nikki helps with client liason including gathering the information required to complete the tasks we do most efficiently.
Here: Mon, Wed & Fridays from 12-5pm
Phone: 5446 3371

Peter - Manager / Webmaster
Pete is the guy who tries to keep everything working the way it should. He keeps the network on track, does the video, the graphic designs, the flyers and anything that needs extra flair.
Here: Monday to Friday from 12-5pm
Phone: 5446 3371

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