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Web Works - About Us

Everybody needs a web site and some people need more guidance than others. There are no silly questions here. We understand you know everything about your business but may not know a lot about ours. We are available to answer your questions any time, no matter how trivial or silly you think they might be.

Our job is taking the online worry away from you by running your online business for you efficiently whilst allowing you to stick with what you know best, running your own successful real-world business.

The Web Works team have been building web sites for business since 1997. We deal daily with the latest technologies and stay up to date with our technial knowledge but if there is one thing that stands out about Web Works above all it's our good old-fashioned personal service.

We are what you see. We don't fill you full of promises we can't keep and we stick with our clients all the way. We offer top quality products and advice and back them up with results. When we give you a quote we stick to it. There will be no nasty surprises along the way.

When you call our phone number during business hours it is answered by a human being. We want to keep you as a client for many years to come and try our best to keep you informed about each and every thing we do for you.

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