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Setting up a new email address.
My email has stopped working.
Check if the problem is our end or yours.
I don't know my email password.

Setting up a new email address.

If you have a web site hosted with Web Works then more than likely you have an associated email address available to you too.

If you already know what your email address is then you can go right ahead and set it up in your email software.

You will need to know the following information:

  • Your Email Address
  • Your Password
  • Your incoming mail (POP3) setting (see below)
  • Your ISP's SMTP setting (see below)

POP3: Your incoming mail (POP3) setting will be mail.yourdomain.ext
(change yourdomain.ext to your domain name - ie: mail.mywebsite.com)

SMTP: Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is the company who provides you with your Internet and you will need to know their SMTP setting to send any emails from your computer.

If you don't know their SMTP setting you may need to visit their web site, find the search box and type in "SMTP email settings".

You can also search Google typing "telstra SMTP settings" replacing telstra with the name of your ISP.

AAPT mail.aapt.net.au
Bigpond mail.bigpond.com
Blink Internet mail.blink.m2.com.au
Dodo smtp.dodo.com.au
iiNet mail.iinet.net.au
Internode mail.internode.on.net
iPrimus smtp.iprimus.com.au
OntheNet mail.onthenet.com.au
Optusnet mail.optusnet.com.au
Ozemail smtp.ozemail.com.au
People Telecom smtp.syd.people.net.au
Three smtp.three.com.au
TPG mail.tpg.com.au
Virgin Mobile 3G smtp.virginbroadband.com.au
Vodafone 3G smtp.vodafone.net.au

Open your email program, find and click on the new account option and follow the prompts to set up your email.

If you're a Web Works client and need more help or a new email address then feel free to call us on 5446 3371 between 12-5pm weekdays and we will guide you through the process.

Watch this video for a general overview of setting up your website email in Windows Live.

Email Problems:
My email has stopped working.

If your email has suddenly stopped working then the first thing you should do is visit your web site. If your web site is not working for you too then it is probable your IP has been blocked by our server. Usually this happens when you try to enter the wrong password three times.

In order to unblock you we will need to know your IP.

Visit WhatIsMyIP.com where your current IP address will be displayed.

Phone us on 5446 3371 and let us know your IP is blocked and we will unblock you.

Your emails and web site should then work for you straight away.

If your email still isn't working then it could be a problem with your computer. You should restart your computer (shut down, wait 10 seconds and turn on) then try again.

Checking where the problem is, our end or yours.

After trying the above two steps, if the problem persists, go to Mail2Web.com and check your email there. If it works there it means your email is working fine and the problem must be with your computer which may require the help of a technician.

Email Problem: I don't know my email password.

We do not keep any record of email passwords and can not let you know what your current password is. If you do not know your password what we can do for you is reset your password for you.

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