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My Restaurant and Cafe...

This is a sample food related web site with background image with image inset. Suitable for takeaway food outlet, pub, restaurant or cafes.

Dine in Food Menu - up to 20 items

Weiner Schnitzel$35.00Wagu Beef Steak$45.00
Chicken Schnitzel$27.50Dinner Banquet (6 ppl)$325.00
Pasta Allegro$22.50Crumbed Drumsticks (4)$16.00
Scotch Fillet Steak$32.00Desserts from$9.00

Take-away Food Menu - up to 20 items

Minimum chips$4.00Hamburger ( plain )$5.50
Potato Cakes$1.10 eaHamburger ( lot )$7.00
Dim Sims$1.10 eaSteak Sandwich ( plain )$7.50
Crab Sticks$1.70 eaSteak Sandwich ( lot )$9.50


3 Page - Contains 8 blocks - Cost $880